Portable mobile data access, mobile security and mobile development
Our products
portable, secure mobile data access
Eleytt has built leading high-quality products in the field of mobile data access. We want to access data from various places, using numerous technologies, secure file transfer.

We want the internet to be closer to our external devices and create data clouds, a new notion of information within the global network. We aim at introducing a new quality of mobility into our world... more>>
Our consulting areas
mobile development and mobile security
Eleytt provides mobile development and mobile code audit. We build mobile applications for all major technologies and infrastructures, know the ins and outs of telecommunications.

We analyze mobile code, improve the code quality and mobile application's usability, we find mobile security weaknesses. We focus on mobility- mobile protocols, mobile phones and handhelds, mobile architectures and telecommunications- this is our area of expertise... more>>
New generation of data access
portability, security and data access
Eleytt is proud to announce their product in the field of secure mobile data access. We have always wanted the world to become smaller and our product after eight months is finally undergoing final tests.

We provide portability, security and new model of data access. Our task is to introduce new quality of ease-of-use and data access, ensuring the security of our clients in the same time... more>>

Eleytt improves its face


After first year of Eleytt's appearance on global market, we have presented at numerous conferences, disclosed numerous critical software vulnerabilities. Our team expanded and we decided to take advantage of our funds to build another vision of Eleytt. Mobile development gurus and pioneers of mobile security joined our team to ensure top-notch quality of our mobile development consulting and mobile security (code audit, telecoms, mobile architectures).

Presentation at SekIT conference (Advanced aspects of mobile security)


Michal Bucko, together with Pawel Stalewski from Eleytt, provided a speech during the conference. Michal spoke about various aspects of penetration testing for the telecommunications companies and weaknesses in mobile phones and Symbian. Pawel provided information of business and fund raising in the field of IT companies. He encouraged young talented mobile developers to join our team.

Eleytt and our works - the conclusions

We have presented at IT Underground in Warsaw and been asked to various other conferences in the world. We have conducted research in three areas of telecommunications and ubiquitous computing:
CDMA applied to mobile networking: orthogonalization and hopping techniques, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile advanced security (code and architectures) and Mobile code audit.
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