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Advisory Board

Prof. Wojciech Gwarek
Wojciech Gwarek holds M.Sc.(74) degree from M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, Ph.D. (77) and D.Sc (87) from Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland) where he is currently professor. He specializes in microwaves, computational electromagnetics, and electromagnetic compatibility. He is author/co-author of more than 150 publications in this area. Since 1990 his activity also includes development of commercial software tools for electromagnetic analysis and design of high-frequency circuits and antennas. The brand names of these tools QuickWave and CONCERTO have become popular worldwide and gained several prestigious customers including two NASA laboratories. Prof. Gwarek is founder and president of QWED company (www.qwed.eu), which successfully commercializes electromagnetic modeling software and consults on industrial design using such software. In 1998 QWED won the prestigious European Information Technology Prize. Since 2001 Prof. Gwarek is a Fellow Member of IEEE. In the years 2003-2005 he served as a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE. He is a reviewer for many scientific/professional magazines and high-ranking conferences.

Shyaam Sundhar
Shyaam is a security analyst by passion and profession. He holds a Master's in Information Security from the George Washington University,Master's Certificate in Computer Security and Information Assurance from the George Washington University and graduate level security certificate in Computer Security from Stanford University. Shyaam is an active professional member with ACM, ACFE, ISACA, HTCN, AFCEA, GEAO, PMI and IACSP and he holds professional certifications such as CAS, GPCI, GCDS, GLDR, SSP-CNSA, SSP-MPA, SSP-GHD, GREM, GHTQ, GWAS, GIPS and GCFA. He is a board member at IARIA research group where he has participated as TPC, Chair and Co-Chair of several IEEE conferences related to Security and he is also a member of the editorial advisory board at the Hakin9 magazine.

Dr. Krzysztof Szczypiorski
Krzysztof is an Assistant Professor at Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). He holds MSc and PhD in telecommunications both with honours) from WUT. He is a founder and a head of International Telecommunication Union Internet Training Centre at WUT. Since 1996 he has worked as a security consultant. His research interests include: network security and steganography, wireless networks, and anonymity and privacy in virtual society.

David Matousec
A programmer, security analyst, researcher and consultant, involved in a number of various security topics for about eight years, mostly concentrated on desktop security software on Windows platforms and Internet-related security. As the founder of Matousec group in March 2006, he works with multiple vendors of security software. The idealist, the perfectionist, the pacifist, with an inclination to the Eastern philosophy, especially related to the Eastern martial arts.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve data access quality, with special focus on data security and usability. We strive to become leader in mobile security and key consulting company in mobile development. We build better mobile world where access to information is easier and more comfortable. We bring the best people to build your mobile applications and analyze your mobile code so that it is more secure.
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