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  • Malware under Windows
  • Exploitation for phun and profit
  • IT Underground '07 presentation: Practical security thought - Bughunt
  • Business Conference Presentation: NGN and advanced mobile security threats
  • Irregularity factor of hash functions in the context of initial MD5 cryptanalysis
  • CDMA applied to mobile networking: orthogonalization and hopping techniques
  • Global threat management system and modern vulnerability research
  • Mobile Security Research 2008 (soon)
  • Chip dumping and slow motion chip dumping
  • R-sequence: introduction to breaking elliptic curves
  • Transforming the FFT: towards number spectrum
  • Writing modular self-learning rootkits (not finished)
  • On prime generating triangle (not fully available)
  • On equivalence between Zeta and R-sequence
  • On p2^n blocker conjecture
  • Advanced e-gaming security: 1-1 tricks and VPIP

Our work means quality

Michal Bucko from Eleytt appears in MS08-070 with critical Visual Basic vulnerabilities. Member of our team worked with Microsoft to ensure security of Microsoft's Clients. This has been acknowledged in Microsoft's bulletin. We would like to thank for the acknowledgement.
Michal Bucko from Eleytt appears in VMSA-2008-0014 VMware's Security Advisory. Eleytt's team has helped VMware protect their Customers and provided vulnerability consultancy.
We have found a critical vulnerability in Adobe Reader and this helped protect their Customers. See: SecurityFocus, BID:21155.
other Our experts provided consulting for the press and TV as well as appeared in numerous IT conferences.

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For more information about our vulnerabilities and security consulting, please note the following-

QuickCam Linux Device Driver Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
OpenSER Parse_Expression Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
AcroPDF AdobeReader Remote Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
Visual Studio 2005 WMIScriptUtils.DLL ActiveX Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Gadu-Gadu emots.txt Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
OpenSER SMS Handling Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
VLC .M3U Format String Vulnerability
G DATA Antivirus ScanObjectBrowser.DLL Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Ipswitch WS_FTP SCP Handler Format String Vulnerability
WSFTP Null Pointer Dereference Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
Gadu-Gadu Skin Attribute Handling Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
Gadu-Gadu Remote User Addition Vulnerability
VMware Virtual Disk Mount Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
CA eTrust ITM Remote Sensitive Information Disclosure
CA eTrust ITM Remote Script Redirection Vulnerability
Firefox Encoded URI Status Bar Spoofing Weakness
Firefox ParseFTPList Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
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