Portable mobile data access, mobile security and mobile development

mobile security

Our experts conduct penetration testing of telecommunications and mobile infrastructures, as well as audit mobile code, find mobile vulnerabilities. We have already disclosed numerous critical traditional vulnerabilities as well as moved on with research to handle mobile devices and major technologies. Our know-how is to join telecommunications with mobile development and IT security. Our team analyzes your applications for handhelds, finds weaknesses in your mobile protocols.We also aim at improving other sides of your mobile applications, including usability, portability, localization.

mobile deveopment

Our development team builds applications for all major mobile technologies and platforms, including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, LiMo, UIQ3, J2ME, iPhone OS and other. We have crucial knowledge as how to improve your applications. We have top notch know-how of mobile weaknesses and have conducted numerous research works in the field of mobile security. We know how to build more effective, less time-consuming, and with scalable GUIs mobile applications. We know how to port them into another technology. We have developed our own mobile software and protocol testing methodologies to ensure higher level of quality of mobile applications.
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